Rail Transport

Rail Transport

Geelong is at the hub of a road, rail, air and sea transport web. With the buying, selling and delivery of so many products via online, our transport, postal and warehousing industry has gone ballistic. We employ 16.8% more people in Geelong’s road, rail, sea and air transport services than we did in 2006.

Regional rail passenger workers jobs have increased 80% in five years. The new Grovedale railway station will expand this capacity even further.

What does a Rail Transport worker do?

Like the road supply chain, rail careers that move offer a wide range of jobs in ordering, transporting, receiving, sorting, and distributing people and merchandise within our region, our state and our nation. Rail careers include Train driver, customer service provider, rail terminal operator, signaler, manager, train controller and train planner. Strong IT skills and training in IT Software logistics are big skills shortages in this industry.

Where can I get trained?

At school by

  1. Doing a year 10 work experience with an employer in careers that move

At TAFE or other registered training organisation by

  1. Completing a full time Certificate II, III or IV course in terminal manager, train controller, terminal operator, train planner and train driver. You don’t need an ATAR, but you will need a year 11 completion, and study can take between six months to two years. For all rail transport qualifications you will need to complete your training on the job.

At university

  1. You can take an undergraduate degree at university in Transport and Logistics, Supply Chain manager, Line Haul Manager or Warehouse Distribution Manager.

On the job

  1. Apply for a position on line at the www.supplychainvictoria.vic.gov.au
  2. Or here on the Careers That Move website

Where are the jobs for Rail Transport worker?

For jobs right around Australia, check out www.uworkin.com
For jobs in Geelong see our live job feed on www.geelongcareers.org.au

Where can I get experience?

At school, look for year 10 work experience opportunities. Ask your careers teacher or VET or VCAL coordinator about a Year 11 /Year 12 Structured Workplace learning placement. For examples check out the Education Department Website.

Left school or seeking a new career in this trending industry?

You can ask a careers that move employer for a voluntary work opportunity. Keep an eye on Geelong Careers for traineeship or apprenticeships opportunities which give you the chance to earn while you learn. Experience will help you stand out. And don’t forget the Volunteering Geelong website.

What do I need to be good at?

  • IT (if you are working in careers that move systems)
  • Working in a team
  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative responses to challenges
  • Following directions
  • Work related literacy and numeracy
  • Working with a wide range of service providers

How much does a Rail Transport worker get paid?

Train drivers start at about $53,000 and progress to $119,000 per annum depending on experience.

What can this job lead to?

Qualified rail transport workers can progress, through study and experience into other transport and distribution areas like road, sea, and air as managers, warehouse managers, IT professionals, supply chain consultants, export and distribution professionals.