Dreaming real career dreams for
Geelong, in Careers that Move.

All Dream Real statistics are drawn from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011. All projections are determined from current national and regional industry trends informed by ABS and City of Greater Geelong statistics.

The Geelong Careers app links to eight trending regional industries:

Geelong is at the hub of a road, rail, air and sea transport web. With the buying, selling and delivery of so many products via on line, our transport , postal and warehousing industry has gone ballistic. Careers that move employ 5,416 people in the region, and anticipate a 20.5% growth in jobs in the next five years. There are big transport and logistics projects planned to shore up and extend Geelong’s road, rail, sea and air transport services. Today, for example, 80% more people work in Geelong’s passenger rail system than did in 2006. With the new Grovedale Railway station planned for 2016, those opportunities will only increase.

Careers that move Geelong are on the rise!

Trending employment in Careers that Move Number of jobs Percentage increase
(2006 to 2011 census)
Road transport 2974 ▲ 5.7%
Postal services 693 ▲ 6.2%
Air and water transport 626 ▲ 12.5%
Rail transport 345 ▲ 80%
Warehousing 296 ▲ 61%

Cover shot provided by Lynden Smith

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