Air & Water Transport

Air & Water Transport

Geelong is at the hub of a road, rail, air and sea transport web. With the buying, selling and delivery of so many products via online, our transport, postal and warehousing industry has gone ballistic. We employ 5,416 people in the region, expect a 20.5% growth in jobs in the next five years, and have big projects planned to shore up and extend Geelong’s road, rail, sea and air transport services. Today, for example, 80% more people work in Geelong’s passenger rail system than did in 2006!

What does an air & water transport worker do?

The port of Geelong and Avalon Airport are key to supporting Geelong’s trending industries and offer diverse career opportunities. The Port of Geelong is the largest regional port in Victoria and posted a record 16.3 million cargo tonnes for 2013, an increase of import/exports of 53% in three years. Avalon airport employs security, freight management, air traffic controlling, retailing, service, cargo handling, refueling and maintenance staff.

Where can I get trained?

For jobs right around Australia, check out
For jobs in Geelong see our live job feed on

At school by

  1. Doing year nine work experience with an employer in careers that move

At TAFE or other registered training organisation by

  1. Completing a full time Certificate II , III or IV course in vessel planner, yard planner, crane driver, shift supervisor, yard controller, load superviser, deck officer, leading hand
  2. Completing an advanced diploma/ licence in Stevedoring, ship master, marine pilot, operations manager, air duty supervisor, marine engineer

At university

  1. You can take an undergraduate degree at university in Stevedoring Operations Superintendent, Air Duty Supervisor, Distribution Manager.

On the job

  1. Look for a school based apprenticeship or full time apprenticeship with G Force, an individual employer or another apprenticeship provider.

Where can I get experience?

Look for year 10 work experience opportunities on the GRVEC site, or ask your careers teacher or VET or VCAL coordinator. You can also ask a careers that move employer for a voluntary work opportunity. Keep an eye on Volunteering Geelong website for industry related voluntary opportunities.
Keep an eye on the Volunteering Geelong website.

What do I need to be good at?

  • IT (if you are working in careers that move systems)
  • Working in a team
  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative responses to challenges
  • Following directions
  • Work related literacy and numeracy
  • Working with a wide range of service providers

How much do I get paid?

The average air/water transport worker makes $950 per week

What can this job lead to?

Qualified road transport workers can progress, through study and experience into other transport and distribution areas like rail and road, as managers, warehouse managers, IT professionals, supply chain consultants, export and distribution professionals.

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